On the hills behind the Vulture lie the vineyards of Casa Maschito. We are in Basilicata, in the province of Potenza. Here, in 1999, some young businessmen friends decided to buy ten hectares of land, to build a wine company. Today the winery Casa Maschito produces about 60 thousand bottles a year, offering a range of excellent wines, with bases of Malvasia, Moscato and Aglianico course. Among the of the success of Casa Maschito there are certainly the peculiar characteristics of the land on which the vines are planted. Of tuff matrix, these soils are easy to work and above all they can to ensure that the screws can give their best, giving the grapes from which are obtained wines full of volume, of good size and particularly balanced in tannins. The constant engagement and the marriage between the ancient wisdom and modern farming production methods are additional ingredients, which allow you to achieve high quality in every single wine.

Basilicata’s vocation is millenary for viticulture and wine production, with a past that dates back to the ancient times of the Enotri and the Lucanians. A long history that today intertwines tradition, culture and innovation, expressing all the potential of a terroir able to give great excellences.

Basilicata is in fact characterized by a limited production from the quantitative point of view, but offers very interesting ideas both for the local vines and for the quality of the wines produced. The 3 main areas of wine production in this region are the area of Vulture, the area of Matera and the upper Val d’Agri.