In the heart of Marche. In a lush hillside 350 meters above sea level. Among gentle valleys and quaint medieval villages, Casalfarneto dominates a charming and fascinating landscape. Passion and dedication, respect for the environment. Traditional methods that are woven skillfully with the most innovative technologies. And so that Casalfarneto continues its history, continuing to invest in quality to aim for excellence. Among the Esino river and the hills where today lie the ruins of Castelli di Jesi, actually 14 fortified villages arranged in a horseshoe, concentrates the essence of the Marche region and the most authentic production. And 'here that the grapes reach optimal ripeness and this is the home of Verdicchio Classico DOC, still produced with artisan passion.

Viticulture in the Marche starts with the arrival of the Syracusan Greeks and is affirmed with the Romans, thanks to which the fame of the Piceno wine spreads throughout the empire. Always a land of excellence, this region ranks among the Italian areas with the highest wine vocation, which is expressed through a plurality of wine expressions. 

The influence of the Adriatic sea on which the Marche faces and the natural barriers created by the mountains, create in this territory the rare and particular microclimates that give life to typical wines, with unmistakable aromas, whose production is mostly entrusted to small cellars, where making wine is a tradition handed down from generation to generation.