In a territory where the vineyards dominate, on a modest hill, an ancient Venetian property restored to the original beauty features Corte Moschina.Two historic obelisks mark the entrance to the court, where Silvano and Patrizia, with their sons Alessandro and Giacomo, invite you to share their world, made of love for the land and passion for wine. Every single vine is the Row material of our production in a special territory, either by origin, composition and exposure. Corte Moschina it is the unique combination between vine and territory, the essential element that distinguishes the quality of our wines, fruit of careful cultivation, aimed at protecting the environment, and meticulous oenological practices. 

All this to offer an excellent product that is the best expression of this territory.

Veneto is a land of ancient winemaking traditions, which today boasts in Italy the record for the production of DOC wines. The wine production of the region is characterized not only through the broadest and most varied panorama of vineyards and wines, from whites to reds, from sparkling wines to raisins, but also thanks to a strong vocation to quality.

Much of the Veneto region, due to its climatic and morphological characteristics, is a zone of cultivation of excellent grapes; the cultivation areas of the grapes are located both in the flat area, very rich in watercourses, and on the hilly areas, which have a mild climate and fertile land.