The character of a wine lies in the balance between two main factors: the elements common to a given production area; And the properties that distinguish a particular manufacturing company. In many respects, the wines produced by Elia Palazzesi in Collelceto express the characteristics associated with Montalcino's viticultural production. First of all, the authority of the Sangiovese Grosso. But also a complexity of structure and aromas that much to the soil that varies significantly even within the same vineyard, and to the relatively dry climate, which passes from winters at times tough at extremely warm summers. To ensure that fermentation is constant and sufficiently protracted in time, Elia has opted for temperature-controlled steel vats. For ageing, on the other hand, he prefers large casks, with only limited use of tonneaux. The aim is to produce wines of distinctive character that are elegant as well as imposing.

Tuscany is one of the most important wine-growing regions in the world and is one of the most representative areas for wine production in Italy. The crops are distributed mainly on hilly territories, particularly suited to viticulture both for climatic and geological reasons, and to a lesser extent in the plains.

The largest areas of wine production in Tuscany are the Chianti, the Maremma and the province of Siena, flanked by many other small areas with a high wine vocation. The constant tendency towards specialization bears witness to the importance of viticulture in Tuscany, which is at the top of Italy for the production of DOC wines.