The Guido family is dedicated to the cultivation of vines and of wine production since the last century. In 1925, thanks to the technique of American grafting,our grandparents saved the vineyards from the terrible "filoxera vastatrix". In the 1960s, despite the gradual desertification of the campaigns, our father continued unremittingly to work on them its lands. The vineyards, located in the highest hills dedicated to production of Gavi and Dolcetto di Ovada, have considerable difficulty of cultivation due to the significant slopes of the soil, this hilly shape combined with nature white earth clayey and ultra-sculptural screws, give us our characteristic wines of fullness, corpusity and intensity aromatic products lasting over time. 

The elegant female figures reproduced on the our labels are freely inspired by the portraits of woman painted by the famous artist Amedeo Modigliani (Livorno 1884-Paris 1920).

Land of winemaking tradition since ancient times, Piedmont produces great wines on its hills and on the alpine and pre-alpine areas. In these places, which differ thanks to the different geographical and climatic characteristics that characterize them, man’s manual work is predominant and low yields per hectare are pursued, to enhance the quality of the wines that come to life here. 

From the refined and sumptuous reds to the round and fragrant whites, to the inviting and pleasant dessert wines, the variegated wine estate of this region makes it an area of extraordinary excellence, appreciated both nationally and internationally.