Tenuta Lune del Vesuvio, four hectares of green about 300 meters above sea level, headquartered in defense of traditional local products Vesuvius, in the middle of the Vesuvio National Park, in front of the wonders of the excavations of Pompeii, the island of Capri and the Gulf of Naples. The roots of the vines that climb the slopes of Vesuvius sink into the lava ground, dark and porous. This soil does not need to be watered as it retains moisture and then release it. The vines came to this land in the fifth century BC brought here by the Greeks and flow directly from the Aminei of Thessaly. Here the grapes grow strong and vigorous: the vines, most of which is ungrafted, are grown in the  foothills up to 400 meters in height and derive mineral character, thickness and power from the volcanic soil. The vineyards, cultivated with passion and love from generation to generation, but using modern methods without ever losing sight of the link with their rural roots, give excellence to each wine.

Campania is a region of ancient wine tradition, one of the first territories in the world to have seen the settlement, cultivation, the study of the vine and the production of wine. The spread of the vine, in fact, dates back to pre-Roman times, thanks above all to a particularly favorable climate and to the particular nature of the soil. 

This region has a rich heritage of grapes of great quality, which give life to a wide variety of wines, both white and red, including many excellences, well known and appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad.