It is since 1898 that the family Meloni pours into their vineyards effort and love. Today, the fourth generation, the great-grandchildren of Pietro Meloni still follow the example of the fathers, cultivating vines with the same passion with which it is He has been taught to cultivate the philosophy of good wine and healthy. Convert in the 90 hundred hectares of vineyards to organic farming, it was a very brave challenge. Besides, till the soil, for the Family Meloni, it never meant to exploit the territory, but enhance it and cure it. It is one of the largest producers of organic wines in Italy: over 250 hectares of vineyards, from 1995 all the way to organic farming, for over 2 million bottles produced.

Sardinia and viticulture, a millenary tradition that has its roots in the distant times of the Nuragics and is found in the many excellences produced in this area. The climate, soil and vines of this region give life to wines of great quality, some robust and vigorous, others elegant and refined, depending on the environment in which they are produced.

The vineyards are an integral part of the Sardinian landscape, from the fertile plains near the sea to the hills and inland areas, where the wine-making activity is still linked to ancient traditions. It is precisely for this reason that the wines of Sardinia are always full expression of the land in which they are produced.