The family-owned agricultural estate Poderi La Fenice was born in the heart of Salento peninsula in Puglia region, Italy, in 2015 from Roberto and Ekaterina’s passion for wine. The estate has been lovingly put together from abandoned estates and outdated smaller private vineyards aiming at restoring the glorious agricultural traditions of Salento. From this idea of rebirth comes the name Poderi La Fenice, with reference to the ancient myth of the Phoenix, the long-lived bird that arises to new life from its own ashes. Another distinctive feature of Poderi La Fenice is the focus on quality rather than on quantity, at a time when the opposite trend often threatens the production of wine. It is also for this reason that our vineyards cover just 7 hectares, among the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto. They proudly harvest manually and while the yield may be discreet, the quality of the grapes is always high.

Beautiful fertile territory, dedicated to viticulture already in the times of the Greek civilization, Puglia enjoys a long winemaking tradition thanks to the climatic conditions favorable to the cultivation of the vine. The three main wine-growing areas of the region are the province of Foggia, the land of Bari and Salento. 

Pugliese production, in terms of quantity, has always been among the main ones in Italy and, in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to quality. For this, and thanks to its enormous wine potential, the wines of Puglia gained fame not only nationally, but also internationally.