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Best Italian Wines Supplier in UK

We offer a diverse range of carefully curated Italian wines.  From vineyard to table, our high standards are reflected every step of the way. 
A passion for traditional methods of wine production guides everything we do. 

Through our extensive knowledge of the regions we represent, we are able to  provide only the best!

Our wineries are chosen through a rigorous selection pro- cess. We travel through Italy regularly, visit- ing our established producers and search- ing for new ones, so that we can bring you both well-loved favorites and the finest lesser-known labels – including Certified Organic. As natives of Italian wine country, we understand our regions and wineries as only locals can! Our hands-on approach to sourcing high-quality producers allows us to offer wines that are rarely available on liquor store shelves and menus outside of Italy. We are dedicated to building relation- ships with all of our customers and produc- ers, and to promoting wineries that utilize time-tested methods of cultivation and production. At Wine It Ltd, we believe that viniculture is truly an art, and we guarantee quality every time.